Tips for Getting Your Bar on the “Best of” List

A “Best Of” list is a great way to promote your bar, attract new customers and increase your sales. This can be a great way to promote your bar, increase footfall and boost your marketing efforts, regardless of whether it’s the “Best Bars of New York City” or “World’s 50 Best Bars”. What best ways to ensure your bar makes it to these lists? Although there may not be any clear guidelines, these tips can help you keep your bar in mind whenever there is a review or rating published in your area.

The drinks

All the top bars are committed to creating the best cocktails and mixing the most innovative drinks. These bars often have their signature drink to help define their brand. A mixologist might be hired to create unique cocktails that stand out from the rest. These bars are also known for their consistency in service. They deliver consistent, high-quality drinks every night.

The service

It’s no surprise that the best bars have the best bartenders. When reviewing establishments, it is important to note how customer service is integrated into the bar’s overall mission and ethos. Top bars know that customers should be acknowledged and noticed as soon as they enter the bar. They often employ the “3-Second rule” to ensure that this happens every night. Within three seconds, customers should feel welcomed at the bar. The best bars around the globe consider themselves “champions for hospitality.” This means that customers should feel welcome when they walk through the door.

The atmosphere

The overall atmosphere is the third most important factor. Although this is subjective, it is an essential factor. What is the general vibe when you enter a bar? Judges and reviewers agree that the trick continuously seeks ways to improve customer service. Think about how you can make your cocktail menu stand out. If you offer both food and drinks, ensure the bar menu, and drinks menu complement each other. All aspects of your customer experience must work together and complement each other. This is the best way to create a “vibe” nightly.

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