Lifehacker’s most delicious beverage hacks of 2022

Adult beverages are not new, but they have evolved. Even the perfect daiquiri, a simple drink, can be hacked, riffed, or modified to produce satisfying results. And even seemingly intransigent methods can be altered. In no particular order, here are 12 great ideas and updates we made in 2022 to cocktail recipes.

You will need ice for Christmas Day and Eve. Ice is needed for many things: making cocktails, iced drinks (or other iced beverages), cooling champagne, filling coolers, or, if you want to be fancy, keeping caviar and shrimp cocktail at the right temperature.

There is no quick way to make ice. It takes several hours of freezing for the water molecules in the ice to form a crystal. Many stores are closed during the day, so you can’t buy ice. Do you know who is (probably) not closed? McDonald’s. McDonald’s. I say “probably” because it’s hard to guarantee. But I’ve had enough McDonald’s breakfast sausage biscuits for Christmas to be optimistic. A company representative also told The Pioneer Woman that most golden-arched establishments would be open. Who doesn’t believe a company representative?

Anyway. You can buy bags of ice at most franchises for less than two dollars, so you don’t have to spend much to get your frozen water. Then, go home and make some cocktails or drink tea. You can get the best ice at Sonic. Just make sure you go on Christmas Eve. The Sonic drive-throughs will be open on Christmas Eve but not on the day of the birth.

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