Humour, empowerment, or binge drinking causing mental health issues

There are also articles in the media that highlight this trope, which may seem harmless at first but is also a hint to the darker side of modern motherhood.

We are becoming more interested as fetal-alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) prevention researchers in the popularity and portrayal of this phenomenon on social media.

Wine moms are mothers who drink wine to help them cope with the daily challenges of motherhood. The term “wine mom ” became popular during the mid-2010s, when mothers started to identify themselves and make jokes online regarding drinking wine to deal with the stress of modern motherhood. The self-identification of wine moms helped women make social connections with other mothers online, even if they were superficial.

When women exhibit behaviors that are consistent with being a loving caregiver, they are called ‘good mothers. (MyKidsButler/Instagram)

#WineMom takes on the image of a “good mom.”

Motherhood is defined by a set of values and behaviors that women exhibit, often influenced and shaped by social and cultural norms.

When women exhibit behaviors associated with being a good mother, they are called ” . Women who do not meet these standards risk being labeled as “bad mothers” and shamed or excluded.

In our recent research, we examined posts on Instagram using the hashtag #winemom in order better to understand the relationship between alcohol consumption and motherhood.

According to the media, women used #winemom to show that drinking alcohol was a way to cope with everyday tasks and self-care.

The dark side of #WineMom

We found it concerning that the messages normalized binge drinking and often used humor to convey possible serious mental health issues.

Alcohol is a substance that has serious psychological, biological, and social consequences. Health critics describe it as ” not an ordinary commodity.” Is growing evidence that women in North America of childbearing years are drinking more alcohol.

The hashtag was used to empower and connect, but these messages normalize excessive drinking and encourage alcohol use as a coping strategy.

Former wine moms share their stories in the popular media about how “wine mom culture” led to a problem relationship with alcohol. They used to post memes about alcohol, but now they share posts that celebrate their sobriety.

#WineMom & COVID-19

COVID-19 has prompted the creation of new versions of the “wine mom’ meme that focus on drinking in order to cope with the pandemic. Researchers reported that 18% of Canadians increased alcohol consumption to cope with the lack of a routine, boredom, and stress.

COVID-19 has a compounding effect on mothers and women as more research is conducted. Has remained very high. The majority of mental health issues were reported by women, especially those who live in households with children under 13 years old. Thirty-seven percent of women say moderate to severe anxiety, and an increase in alcohol consumption.

Buzzfeed’s resident wine mom explains the signs that you are a wine mother.

The COVID-19 regulations are limiting opportunities for social interaction. Closures of gyms and businesses, as well as outdoor amenities, are also reducing the availability of healthy outlets to relieve stress.

The virtual “wine mom” community can provide women with support and connections as they cope with increased stress and mental health challenges.

Women need support beyond wine mom culture.

The idea of a motherhood joke that was meant to bring women together and make fun of the challenges they face has turned out to be a warning sign about how women’s issues are not taken seriously. The COVID-19 epidemic has highlighted the need for mental health and how women are juggling more roles.

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