How to properly cork wine (and why it matters)

You may not use the whole bottle of wine at once, whether drinking it or using it to cook with. You could use a stopper to keep the wine fresh (ish) until it’s time to drink, but what if one isn’t available? There’s a right way to recork wine what you need to know.

How long can a wine bottle last once it is opened?

If you store wine properly, an opened bottle can be enjoyed for up to five days, depending on its type. The case of sparkling wine is different. It will be flat the next day but can still be enjoyed for three days if stored correctly.

How to record a wine

Let’s begin with what NOT should do. You should keep the wine bottle closed if you plan to drink it. If you have no wine stopper and the cork has been thrown away, it’s still possible to cover the top of your bottle with cling film or foil. A rubber band will secure the wrap.

Now, let’s learn how to decant wine properly.

Check the cork

Please look at the wine cork before you attempt to recork it. Is it damaged? Is it damaged? Does it look crumbling? Has it been opened with a hole all the way through?

You shouldn’t try to reuse the cork if any of these are true. If the damage is minimal, you may be able to get away with wrapping the pin in wax paper. This will be explained in a moment.

Reverse the wine-covered side.

You’re better off a data The wine-stained end is the best to use in the bottle.

Place the bottle on an even, stable surface to reinsert a cork. Then, angle the pin to the point where the wine-stained part is inside the bottle and the clean portion is on the lip. Press down on the cork and twist it until it reaches halfway into the bottle.

Use wax paper

You can avoid this problem and ensure the cork stays together with some wax paper. You can prevent this problem using a little piece and providing the pin stays together.

Cut a wax paper piece roughly the same size as the cork and large enough to wrap it around once. Then, place one end of your pin on the wax paper.

Insert the covered end into the bottle by placing it on a stable, solid surface. Use a gentle rocking motion to push the cork into the bottle gently. Do not twist the pin, which could cause the wax paper to wrinkle or tear.

Place the bottle in the refrigerator.

You can also do a few things to stop the wine from oxidizing. To minimize the amount of wine exposed to oxygen, you should store the bottle upright. Keep the wine bottle in the fridge to slow down oxidation.

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