How to make edible Christmas trees

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We spotted this trend last year, and we’re sure it will be popular again this Christmas – edible trees. You can make edible Christmas trees sweet or savory.

Caramilk Christmas tree dip

The easiest Caramilk recipe ever! This easy Christmas tree-shaped dessert is filled with Caramilk-flavored cheesecake and studded with Lotus Biscoff cookies. It’s decorated with chocolate and your favorite lollies.

Choc mint Christmas tree cake

This cake, made with sponge cakes purchased and iced in minty icing, will make an impressive centerpiece for any Christmas table. Have fun decorating!

Mini Cob Christmas Tree

Canapes in the shape of a Christmas tree are a great way to satisfy hungry guests.

Raspberry-and-Lime Meringue Christmas Tree

This layered raspberry-lime meringue tree is adorned with watermelon stars and will impress your guests.

Christmas tree dip with chicken Crimp

What could be better for Christmas than a cheese and bacon dip covered with mini AArnott’s Chicken Crimpy shapes and shaped into a tree? What a show-stopper!

Christmas tree stack

Decorate your table with this adorable Christmas tree you can eat!

Caprese salad

O Caprese tree, O Caprese tree… This side salad is easy to make and takes only 20 minutes.

Gingerbread Christmas tree

Use royal icing and gingerbread cookies to create a delicious Christmas centerpiece.

Christmas Pancake Tree

Make your breakfast festive by decorating a stack with summer fruits and fluffy pancakes.

Cheesy Pastry Christmas Tree

This Christmas starter, which is made from just seven ingredients, including camembert, puff pastry, and cranberry, looks easy to make but tastes delicious.

Shortbread Christmas trees

These cute Christmas trees will look great on your table for desserts or coffee.

White Christmas tree

This stunning Christmas centerpiece will delight a crowd.

Christmas trees made of watermelon and cucumber.

It’s easy to make and delicious to eat this cute finger food! You can use it as a starter, entree, snack, or even a decoration on your Christmas table.

Strawberry Tree Tart

Celebrate Christmas with this simple pastry tree and use seasonal strawberries.

Christmas chocolate pastry tree

This chocolate puff pastry edible tree can be made with only three ingredients and is ideal for all of your Christmas baking.

Gingerbread tree

Merry Christmas! Enjoy a day filled with delicious food, friends and family.

Sushi Christmas tree

This Japanese-inspired Christmas tree is a gift by itself, with its two types of salmon and creamy Kewpie Mayonnaise.

Christmas truffle tree

This is the Christmas tree that everyone loves – it’s beautiful and delicious!

Coconut Pavlova Christmas Tree

This pavlova is layered with poached raspberries, mascarpone, and lemon curd.

Meringue Christmas Tree Pops

This sweet meringue tree can be used to decorate a cake for a special occasion or as tidbits to give little helpers.

Maple bacon Christmas trees

These sweet bacon pastry trees are easy to make and only require six ingredients.

Butter Biscuit Christmas Tree

These cute biscuits in the shape of Christmas trees are a great recipe for kids. They can be used as gifts or to decorate the table.

Christmas tree cookie stacks

This fun edible tree is made by stacking these chewy chocolate chip cookies!

French Onion Christmas Tree Dip

This towering French onion platter will make the perfect Christmas centerpiece.

Christmas meringue trees

The children can decorate these cute little Christmas trees.

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