Halmi Is About to Become Your New Favorite Fizzy Drink

It’s time to confess: whenever I see a can in a shop or restaurant, I always buy one (and sometimes more). It’s never been better to enjoy a non-alcoholic drink. There are so many options, but it’s hard to stand out with all the variety and range available today. Halmi stands out from the rest with a unique can design and a drink that tastes unlike anything else.

Halmi was first introduced to me when I visited Yangban Society in Los Angeles. This restaurant has a modern Korean menu that is playful. I used to drink one can and then buy another. It’s now available in drink refrigerators in cool, small grocery stores like Wine + Eggs in Los Angeles and Odd Provisions in Washington, DC. I also see it at restaurants all over the country. Now that I know better, I have ordered two cases of Halmi directly from their website.


This drink is based on a traditional Korean drink called sujeonggwa. Sujeonggwa, traditionally made with cinnamon and ginger and lightly sweetened, is valued not only for its taste but also because of its health benefits. It can help to fight colds, aid digestion, and ward off illnesses. Sujeonggwa is often drunk after a big meal or on holidays. It can also be consumed cold.


Halmi is the affectionate nickname for “grandmother” in Korean. It is made from cinnamon, ginger, and persimmon. The drink is also lightly carbonated to make it even more refreshing. Halmi is a mix between spiced ginger ale and an iced tea. It’s best to enjoy it after several days in the fridge. It’s not too sweet, but it isn’t light on flavor either (unlike other flavored carbonated beverages). This makes it easy to drink.

Ginger ale or even can be too sweet, but sometimes a glass of warm water with lemon is all you need to soothe your stomach after consuming fatty food. Sometimes ginger ale, or even Ginger Beer, is too sweet. Other times, it’s just too hot to drink warm water with a lemon. As much as I enjoy a bitter, herbal Amaro, I’m not always in the mood for something boozy. Halmi is the perfect solution for me. I open a can whenever I want a pick-me-up since I cannot drink coffee after noon.

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