guide to surviving Christmas 2023 and New Year’s Eve

There would be no problem if we only ate on Christmas Day when our tables were laden with rich food and drinks.

The result of this is a seasonal weight gain. You may need to take preventive action if the New Year’s celebrations show up on your scales. It would be best if you didn’t rely on your New Year’s Resolutions, as it is harder to lose weight than gain weight. Australians also tend to gain weight each year. Balance your eating, drinking, and lifestyle with exercise. You can still enjoy yourself with our tips.

Plan ahead

Planning is the key to surviving the holiday season. Plan to avoid overindulging in different situations. Avoid eating too much food high in kilojoules, and try to avoid being overstuffed. Avoid drinking too much.

Drinking it in

It is important to stay hydrated and cool in warm weather, but don’t overdo it on the kilojoules. It’s not easy to consume a lot of liquid kilojoules while still enjoying a three-course dinner.

Diet cordials, diet soft drinks, and water are the best kilojoule-free drinks. Flavored mineral water contains the same amount of kilojoules (see below) as other soft drinks.

What you need to know about juices

Fruit juices may be a healthier option, but they also contain more sugar and kilojoules. The popularity of juice bars is growing, and they can prevent juice from up to six pieces of fruit. Juice smoothies should not be substituted for a balanced diet. Keep the quantity small. Juices have almost as many kilojoules by weight as soft drinks. Dilute your juice with water in order to reduce the sweetness and calories but still get maximum refreshment. Fresh fruit has more fiber and is more filling than juice.


Alcohol contains a lot of kilojoules. While the kilojoules will be burned immediately, it is more likely for those bar snacks and finger foods you consume with your drink to turn into fat.

Alcohol can cause you to be careless with your food choices. Not to mention the desire for greasy breakfasts following a night out. Drink in moderation if you are going to. Try half a swig of spirit, light beer, or wine and soda spritzers. Alternate alcoholic drinks with water. Avoid high-fat food and choose lower-calorie options.

Binge drinking

The safe drinking guidelines suggest that women should not drink more than two standard drinks per day and men no more than four. There are also two alcohol-free days each week. Dietary Guidelines For Australians, published in 2010, recommended that women drink only one standard drink per day and men two to combat the obesity epidemic.

You can’t justify drinking alcohol by saying it’s good for your heart. It’s not healthy. These benefits are only for people who are middle-aged or older.

Alcohol is toxic and can cause mishaps, injuries, or assaults. Women who drink more than five drinks in a row and men over seven are considered to be at risk. It is alarming to learn that 15% of Australian women drink at least five drinks on a single occasion.

What is the standard drink?

The standard drink is 10g of alcohol and less than you might think. Wine glasses that are large enough can hold up to three standard drinks. On the label of all alcoholic beverages, the number of standard drinks is stated. Standard drinks are:

  • One middie (280ml) normal-strength beer
  • Two middies (560ml) light beer
  • 100ml of wine
  • One nip (30ml ) spirit

Pig-out prevention on every occasion

Office party

Organize your life to ensure that there are always healthy options available.

All-you-can eat buffet

If you only visit the buffet once, make sure that half of your plate is salad or vegetables.

Slow down and enjoy the food. Engage in conversation.

Overeating does not make sense.

Cocktails & finger foods

Mineral water and diet sodas are good alternatives to regular soft drinks but limit your intake.

When you’re nervous about meeting new people, don’t eat or drink too fast. Instead, do something with your hands.

Reduce your hunger by having a low-GI healthy snack in the afternoon (fruit, yogurt, or smoothie).

Deep-fried foods should be avoided.

Track how much you eat.

Restaurant meals

One glass of wine is enough.

Two courses are the maximum.

Enjoy a main dish that is the size of an entree.

Share a dessert.

Stick to plain bread or no bread at all, and skip the garlic/herb.

Family Feasts

Plan the menu so that there are healthy and light options available.

Refuse to be pushed to eat more food than you are comfortable with to please the chef (offer to bring leftovers home).

Take a plate parties

Bring along a healthy plate, like a salad.

You can balance your plate by balancing meat, vegetables, and grains such as pasta and rice.

Desserts are good to try.

Party food ideas

  • Antipasto with olives, artichoke heart, vegetables marinated in low oil, vegetable sticks, and light dip
  • Popcorn
  • Triangles of pita bread with hommus and tzatziki
  • Rice crackers with salsa
  • Sushi and sashimi
  • Lean meat or chicken skewers
  • Kebabs of vegetables grilled on the grill
  • Grilled chicken without skin
  • Prawns, oysters
  • Sandwiches: Choose wholemeal, grainy, or whole wheat bread over white.
  • Wraps
  • Steamed dim sums
  • Rice paper rolls
  • Vegetable frittata
  • Fruit platter

Compare soft drinks and juices based on the kilojoules in 250ml/1 cup

  • Mineral water plain 0
  • Flavored mineral water 420
  • Diet soft drink 8
  • Cola soft drink 430
  • Orange soft drink 550
  • Diet cordial 25
  • Cordial (diluted 1 to 4) 360
  • Sports drink 275
  • Iced tea 330
  • Apple Juice 325
  • Carrot juice 340
  • Orange Juice 400
  • Pineapple juice 440
  • Apricot nectar 635
  • Nudie Crushie 495
  • Boost Fruit smoothie 675

Alcohol kj (average per serve)

  • Champagne cocktail (1/2 orange juice) 230
  • Champagne (120ml), 355
  • Wine (160ml), 500
  • Spirits (nip, 30ml) 275
  • Spirit in a Can (375ml).
  • Bourbon/rum (1 nip), diet cola and 290
  • Bourbon/rum (one nip), cola 500
  • Alcoholic soda (300ml), 900
  • Light beer (285ml) 300
  • Beer (285ml) 440
  • Gin and Tonic 460
  • Liqueurs (30ml) 400
  • Margarita 460
  • Cosmopolitan 630
  • Daiquiri 750
  • Creamy Cocktails 140

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