Comped Dish: How to Comping and Not Comping A Dish

Many restaurants are now using Zomato to offer complimentary meals or drinks. This is a clever tactic tool to increase their customer base. To improve customer experiences, restaurants must offer complimentary drinks or dishes as part of their overall marketing strategy. Despite having strict control over every aspect of the restaurant’s operations, customers can have a bad experience with their food or service.

Restaurants comp dish prices for a reason

The short form of the word “complementary” is called “comped.” A Comped dish can be complimentary. Restaurants offer it to attract customers or compensate for a bad experience.

Unsatisfactory customer experiences are often overlooked and tarnish the restaurant’s reputation. Unsatisfied customers are less likely to return to the restaurant. Restaurants also have to be concerned about losing regular customers. Customers search for restaurants using digital media.

When should you comp a dish?

Service delays: The main reason for dissatisfaction is food taking too long to reach the customers’ table. There are many reasons for the delay, including a short-staffed kitchen, understocked inventory, maintenance, and rush hours. Comping is a great way to compensate for any inconvenience caused by the customer.

Server Mistakes – Did your server spill the curry on you? A non-vegetarian dish was served to a customer who requested a vegetarian meal. Comping a container is a polite and responsible gesture that will not make your customers furious or cause a negative review about your restaurant.

Stale Food – If raw materials are unavailable or the preparations have been made with insufficient ingredients, customers will quickly form negative opinions about your company. It would be a good idea to prepare the dish for the customer.

Identifying filthy substances Customers who spot hair strands and flies in their food are immediately put off. 81% of diners said they wouldn’t return to a restaurant if they saw a pest in their food. This scenario would be easy to share on social media. It is best to take action and offer the meal immediately.

What are the best times to not make a dish?

A brief delay in service: Busy days can cause chaos for your staff and your restaurant’s kitchen. There might be delays due to high footfall and many more orders being placed. Although this may be uncomfortable for customers, your restaurant will not be held responsible for such delays.

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