5 Key Factors of Quality Glass Bongs

You don’t just want to buy a glass bong because it looks good. Although aesthetics is important, quality and functionality are also very important. Here are five factors that influence glass quality.

1. Small bong What type of glass is it?
Glass comes in many forms. You want to search for borosilicate, or scientific glass. Borosilicate is used for medical and research purposes. You can imagine that medical-grade glasses are perfect for bongs. The borosilicate glass is much stronger than other types of bong glass and will last for a very long time. There are “Soft” Glass Bongs, but they are usually of lower quality and cost. Our inventory of scientific glass bongs is available for purchase.

2. The thickness (or thinness) of the glass in the bong
When determining whether or not a bong was made of high-quality, thick glass, you should take into consideration the thickness. The thicker the glass, the stronger it will be. It is the same with any material. Thinner materials will break easier.

3. The Bong’s Place of Origin
It is more difficult to determine the source of glass in a bong than most customers want or can do. It is possible to determine the location of a bong. A bong made by a reputable and known creator will likely be made of higher-quality glass compared to a bong made overseas or in an unknown location. A bong made by a glass blower or in the United States, for example, is better than one made in a country with less regulation.

Location is more important than the strength of glass. Glass used in less-regulated countries may be exposed to toxic chemicals, such as heavy metals. This is something you do not want to breathe when smoking.

4. Smooth Welds between Sections
Close up of an intricate bongThe way the pieces are connected on a bong is a reflection of both the artist’s skill and the quality of the glass. While some artists may be able to achieve great results using inferior materials, the majority will not use cheaper glass. A bong with uneven welds or warps may be made from inferior materials.

5. Prices for similar Bongs
The price of glass bong nz is usually a good indicator of its quality. It is important to consider how the size, shape, and aesthetic of a bong affect its price. If these other characteristics are the same, then a higher-priced bong will be made of better glass. Color accents are more expensive and require more material and labor when used on lathe worked bongs.

You can find high-quality glass bongs
Check out our options if you want a durable glass bong made of high-quality material. We take great pride in our work, the materials we use, and the companies from which we source our products. We are confident that you will be satisfied with our selection.

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